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Its Love Chords

It's Love

C#m    A       E       B
It's overtime, its wasting time
It's in your mind, it's feeling fine
It's knowing and it's growing.
It's getting old it's holding on.

E   B  
It's laughing and it fighting
A     E
It's what we do. It's who we be.
C#m    A   B
It's wanting and it's flaunting.
It's love, love, love
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C#m    A       E       B
It's peace of mind, It's taking time.
It's waiting in line. It's wanting to shine.
It's knowledge and it's power.
It's happy hour. It's rush hours.
It's you and its' me.
It's being all we can be.
It's chasing after what you love.

B   A 
Making friends long the way
As we are flying away
It's being a part of everything.
It's being who you want to be.