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I Care On To Something New Chords

Onto another walk through the park today.
Arent we moving at such a fast such a fast pace.
Life is like a movie, so just lean into me.
Like all of nudists on the beach.

C#mG#mA - B
And I’m finding it to be a bit easier today.
I’m calling on the loved ones, thanking then for what they say, so I’m singing.

E- BA - B
Thankfully, I’m feeling something for you, it’s for free.
So we’ll drink up our tea. And then move on, onto something new.
On to something new.

It’s like a wave, a wave of love that fills the air.
Since I'm in a dream, you know that I'll hold on to my chair.
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F#m                       B
Cuz it’s gonna be a long time before we get there.

E   -   B   -   A   -   B
SO while I go to that place that you love.
Then I'll hold you there.
And when I arrive, I’ll sing of my love you and you'll know that I care.
Ya you know that I care… x4

Break down...
E - B - A
People go and they scream.
I love to love you in my dream.
A vibe is a vibe.
So I feel it at night.
And I know people love. Love, love, love, oh.
All they, said I know. 
My love for you remains.
Love, love, love. Said I know.

So with my heart I’ll sing about the birds and the bee’s.
And how I love you and how you love me.
Then gracefully we'll roll away.