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Birthday Chords

Standard Tuning

Bm   -    A   -   Bm   -   G   -   A
Walking in the sun started to run.
Bm   -       A   -        G    -       F#
Chasing the cat and following the sun.
Had to say well look out.
All these feelings. Got to let them out.
Another storm and it continues.
A Babys born. The best love of them all.
Had to let it drop out.
Praise the lord. A baby has been born.
Welcome to the world you precious little thing.

D                Bm
So on your birthday. 
Well rep Lennon as we play. 
When you visit me I'll beg you to stay.
Yes on your birthday.
I'll buy you gifts baby.
Well pray we can meet Tina fey.
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Love is what I sing about.
Love can cure a bug.
Have to scream were in love.
The languages all blend into one.
Te amo, ich liebe dich or a simple hug.
A walk to the Dakota I was the fool on the hill.
Strawberry fields the water was still.
had to say what about.
The wisest quote on earth starts with a loving thought and ends with a chill.

So on your birthday. 
Are thoughts will not eat away. 
Well relax them and get paid.
And on your birthday.
the sun will shine it's ray.
I'll send my love to all the new friends I've made.

Dm                C
In the middle we felt.
A rhythm as we scream and shout. 
G     -    A    -    Bm    -   C   
Had to get there well I dreamt and it felt.
Dm                    C
Well it felt quite alright.
They were singing along that night. 

So on your birthday.
Could we thank them for being great.
And on your birthday 
Ill be there for you babe. Ill be there for you babe.
And well on your birthday. 
The sweetest things we say. 
Well be sung real loud that day. 
I will love to love you with all that I can.
All the love inside. Til it feels right.