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Keep Me In Mind Chords

Tune Half step down

Intro-G x2 (short strums, mute after about one second)

GG                                                     G G
 How come all the pretty girls like you are taken baby.
                                                G G
I've been looking for someone like you to save me
                                       G G
Life's too easy to be so damn complicated
Take your time and I'll be waitin'

Keep me in mind
C                                          G
Somewhere down the road you might get lonely
Keep me in mind
 C                                                G 
And I pray that someday that you will love me only
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C*    (Up down strum)         
I think about you somedays
               C*                                        G** (Choppy strum)
And the way I would lay and waste a day after day with you
We always go our separate ways
   C*                                   G**
But no-one can love you baby the way I do


Well the world can be real tough
Find shelter in me
If there's no-one else to love
Keep me in mind
             Am                     G   
If ever you wanted me, I'll be your man
        Am                                  G
I'd be a fool to let you go with someone else
                      Am                G
Whatever you want from me, I'll be your man
              Am                            G........G G
I'd give it all up just to have you for myself