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Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 10:47:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nick Thurgood 
Subject: y/yummy_fur/police_man.tab

Artist: The Yummy Fur
Title: Police Man
Album: N/A

The guitar sound is easy to get. I use a fender amp and a fender
mustang guitar. To get a similar over drive I use a VOX pedal.
Here it is:

     A       A 


C/C/C/C  G#7/G#7/G#7/G#7

C G#7 A Two strums on each chord.
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The riff that follows is:
5-0-0-3-0-0-x-x  X4

The song then repeats the verse. The chorus is then twice as long. See
lyrics for length.
After the chorus it is back to the bridge and then the song ends. A
great 2 minutes.

The Lyrics:
Police man- You are working for the government.
Police man- That uniform- Excellent
Police man- Protect us from the junkies
Police man says- You indie kids are cheeky monkeys 

Oh police man, I'd love to spend the weekend snorting cocaine from
stomach of your girlfriend. Then maybe we could listen to the
residents. And you will say to me another band drop.

V2: The same as V1

Mean while in bed rooms round the country,
Channel checks on T.V. De-educate the youngsters.
I used to shiver when the yankie mans got visa,
 but it's no payment, no it's nothing to police man. That stupid
penalty is nasty by essential,
without police force we would all go heavy metal,
DIY, EMI, it's not important,
your an ascetic but it's nothing to police man.

Transcribed by NICK THURGOOD
E-MAIL me icb80@yahoo.com