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Goodbye Days Chords

Tabbed by Jon R

Email: japez85@yahoo.com

I saw the chords at ultimate-guitar but didn't really agree with them (no offense to the
of course) so I decided to try and make my own.  This is my first tabbing by ear and
in no way official and also may not be 100% correct so bear with me. :-)  Oh and by the 
I'm going off of the acoustic version of Goodbye Days so there might be some slight
between the acoustic and original versions.  Lyrics are courtesy of Yui-Lover forums.

Note: Please listen to the acoustic version of the song to get the strumming down as
as when exactly you should play the chords.  It's pretty simple though so it shouldn't be

Standard Tuning

Chords: A2  Bm  C#m  D  Dm  Dsus2  E

A2    E   Bm D       A2
Dakara ima   ai ni yuku

   E      F#m    E
So kimetanda

A2   E    Bm D          A2
Poketto no   kono kyoku wo

        E        F#m    D
kimi ni kikasetai

Bm                C#m
Sotto boryu-mu wo agete

Dsus2     G     E     F#m
Tashikamete mitayo

Oh Good-bye Days

   E      F#m       A2
Ima, kawaru ki ga suru
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/y/yui/goodbye_days_crd_ver_4.html ]
      Dsus2  E   F#m  F#/Gb
Kinou made ni So Long

        Dsus2   E
Kakko yoku   nai

    F#m        A2       Bm     Bm  C#m  Dm
Yasashisa ga soba ni aru kara

		    F#m  E  Dsus2  A2  F#m  E  Dsus2
La la la la la with you

(Repeat Verse, refrain and chorus)
Note: instead of ending "La la la etc." with F#m, E, etc., you end with A2 and then move
to the bridge.

      F#m       E
Dekireba kanashii

   Dm         A2
Omoi nante shitaku nai

     F#m   E     Dsus2    A2
Demo yattekuru deshou, oh

         F#m         E
Sono toki     egao de

       Dm                A2       F#m       E    Dsus2
"Yeah, Hello My Friends" nante sa Ieta nara ii noni

      Dsus2  E
Onaji uta    wo

     F#m      A2
Kuchizusamu toki

     Dsus2    E  F#m  F#/Gb
Soba ni    ite I Wish

      Dsus2  E
Kakko yokunai

    F#m   A2        Bm     Bm  C#m  Dm
Yasashisa ni aeta yokatta yo

                     A2  E  Dsus2  <-Repeat 4 times and end with Dsus2
La la la la good-bye days