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Long May You Run : Long May You Run (&Decade)


[D]We've been [A/D]through some [G]things to[D]gether,

[Bm]With trunks of [G]memories [A]still to come.

[D]We found [A/D]things to do in [G]stormy [D]weather.

[Bm]Long [A]may you [D]run. 

[D]Long may you [A/D]run, [G]long may [D]you run, 

[Bm]Although these [G]changes have [A]come.

[D]With your chrome heart [A/D]shinin'

[G]in the [D]sun, [Bm]long [A]may you [D]run. 

[G] [Bb]

Well it was back in Blind River in nineteen sixtytwo 
When I last saw you alive.
But we missed that ship on the long decline.
Long may you run.


[D] [Dsus4] [D]


Maybe the Beach Boys have got you now
With those waves singin' Caroline.
Rollin' down that empty ocean road,
Get into the surf on time.




[D] [Dsus4] [D]

A/D x00220
Dsus4 x00233
[ Tab from: ]
s slide
h hammer-on
p pull-off
v vibrato

E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B -----10v--10--10h12--10-------------------------------------------------------
G 9s11---------------------11v--9s7----7--9s11v---11--9h11--9s7-----7-----------
D -----------------------------------9---------------------------9-----9v--7--7-
A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  ^               ^	         ^         ^		     ^

E ------------------------10--10------------------------------------------------
B ------10--12v--10--12v----------12--10v---------------------------------------
G 9s11-------------------------------------11--9s7-----7--9s11v--11--9--11--7v--
D --------------------------------------------------9---------------------------
A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
G 7h9p7-------------7--7-------------------------------------------------------
D -------7h9v--7h9--------7--9--7----------------------------------------------
A ---------------------------------9--7--5v------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------