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Lets Roll Tab

"Let's Roll" - Neil Young	----------- 85bpm

Main Riff - played throughout all verses

E -----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------
G -----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------2------ |----------------5--5----4------------2--
A -------2-----4--5---- 2 ---4------------ |---2 ----5--4------------------5--5-----
E -----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------

E chord  (phone ring ring)

Riff X2 

1st Verse                    (2nd guitar strums E chord?)
I know I said I love You
I know you know it's true
I've go to put the phone down
And do what we gotta do
One's standing in the isle way
Tow more at the door
We've go to get inside there
Before they kill some more


C5 			C5 B5 A5	 G5  F#5   E5
Time is running out .........................Let's Roll
C5 			C5 B5 A5	 G5  F#5   E5
Time is running out ..........................Let's Roll
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E  -------------------------|---------------------|
B  --------------9 b------- |--------5------------|
G  --------------9 b------ -|--------7b-----------|
D --------------------- ----|---------------------|
A --------------------------|---------------------|
E --------------------------|---------------------|

2nd Verse
No time for indecision
We've go to make a move
I hope that we're forgiven
For what we gotta do 
How this all got started
I'll never understand
I hope someone can fly this thing
And get us back to land
Chorus									Page 2


No one has the answers

But one thing is true

You've gotta turn on evil

When it's comin after you

You've gotta face it now

And when it trys to hide

You've gotta go in after it

And never be denied

C			C5  B5  A 5		G5  F#5  E5 
Time is running out ..............................Let's Roll

Riff X2

3rd Verse

Lets roll for freedom
Lets roll for love
We're goin after Satan
On the wings of a dove
Lets Roll for justice
Lets roll for truth
Lets not let our children
Grow up fearful in their youth

Chorus X3

Riff X 5 ..... fade

Gene Carlson - 12/9/2001