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Light It On Fire Chords

Light It On Fire
By You, Me, And Apollo

Hope this helps!
Easy song to learn and play, i love the wording, just give it a go and im sure you'll get it.

The song is basically just two chords through out it all!!! 
(strumming pattern is simple just listen to the song.)

Verse I:
           Em                                    Bm
And By the grace of God i came back alone I came home
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                 Em                                    Bm
What was all our homes caught on fire bones turned to stone

       Em                Bm
But He makes us walk in pairs

        Em             Bm
All we want is to be alone
(repeat verse)


Oh oh ooooohhhhh 

Oh oh ooooohhhhh 

Oh oh ooooohhhhh 

(song fades out after several repeats of ending)