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A fairly simple and a great song to learn to play by You Me & Apollo from Their 
album "How to Swim, How to Rot" I'll also be including the lyrics.

I hope this helps
rate, comment, and enjoy!

Intro & Versus:
  Am           (transition to Em)       Em     (transition back to Am)
e|-------0--------|----------|       e|---0-----|-------------|
B|-------1-------------------|       B|---0-------------------|
G|-0h2---2--X3-----5p4-2h4p0-|       G|---0--X3---------------|
D|-----2-2-------------------|       D|---2--------0h2----0h2-|
A|-------0-------------------|       A|---2-----0h2----0h2----|
E|-------x--------|----------|       E|-0-x-----|-------------|

That thing that I have asked
asked for the check by now
[ Tab from: ]
and i am tired, im tired
all of you empty now

Well trust was a better word before
I met the likes of her
She may try, if she likes,
                                                        Em(played twice 
I dont wanna see surprise on her eyes when i let her down   then down stroke
Instrumental progression: (only chords) Am Bm C     Am Bm Am


      Am     Bm     C        Am        Bm      Am
Thats why im saying now only hope will let you down x2

(same pattern as intro and verses)
Am                                Em
I let her down          I go down too (I go down!) 

line repeats all through to the end of the song.
Thats it!