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Jaimmes Got A Gal Chords

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                           Jaimme's Got A Gal  
                                You Am I

                        Transcribed by Kevin Chang 

Taken from the 1993 Ra release "Sound As Ever"
Lyrics by Tim Rogers
Music by Tim Rogers, Andy Kent and Mark Tunaley

G     320003      C     032010
A7    X02020      Em    022000
Cadd9 X23030      Cma7  X32000
Em7   022030

intro & verses:
           G          Em           G          Em           G          Em
E ---------------------0-----------------------0-----------------------0-
B ---------------------0-----------------------0-----------------------0-
G ----0-2-2-2-0--------0------0-2-2-2-0--------0------0-2-2-2-0--------0-
D --0-----------0-4-2--2----0-----------0-4-2--2----0-----------0-4-2--2-
A ---------------------2-----------------------2-----------------------2-
E ---------------------0-----------------------0-----------------------0-
[ Tab from: ]
        Cadd9        Cma7
E ---0--0--0--0--0---0--0----0--0-------------------------------------
B ---3--3--3--3--3---0--0----0--3-------------------------------------
G ---0--0--0--0--0---0--0----0--0-------------------------------------
D ---2--2--2--2--2---2--2----2--2-------------------------------------
A ---3--3--3--3--3---3--3----3--3-------------------------------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------
     |           |
      \         /
        \     /
          meaning strum it five times

Alternative method is to just follow the progression G, Em and C


Basically the progression is: G, A7, C, Em, G

However from Em to G this is how I play it:

       Em    Em7                  G
E ------0-----0-----0---0---0-----3------------------------------------
B ------0-----3-----3---3---3-----0------------------------------------
G ------0-----0-----0---0---0-----0------------------------------------
D ------2-----2-----2---2---2-----0------------------------------------
A ------2-----2-----2---2---2-----2------------------------------------
E ------0-----0-----0---0---0-----3------------------------------------


G              Em
Jaimme's got a girl
G                        Em
don't think things gonna be the same
G                       Em
he ain't coming out and drinking tonight
Cadd9              Cma7          Cadd9
I think he's gonna change his name

he can't work it out
he ain't punching walls anymore
I ain't gonna wake up now
and find you on my floor

game's a game
don't wanna be the same
but you sure ain't like you were yesterday
                             Em  Em7  G
just go on and try ... yeah .....

and if it's true
it just ain't my place to say
but you sure ain't like you were yesterday
just go on and try ... yeah .....

fortune sounds dead
pocket sure feels tight
things I promised not to do with you today
sure need to deny

it's all working out
just like they said it would be
you ain't gonna fall on my floor
now on it's just sweet dreams

Transcribed by ......
Kevin Chang (