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Too Good Too Bad Bass Tab

Song: Too Good Too Bad
Artist: Yoko Kanno
Album: Cowboy Bebop OST

Ok, this is kind of like a guideline. I've figured out the two main basslines,
there's alot of walking, which I find very hard to work out. So you're on
 your own for that.
There's also alot of what sounds like improv, which I also find hard to tab.
 Chances are, if you're trying to learn this song, you're a better bassist
 than me anyway, so you'll probably have less trouble than me working out
 the walking and improv.

Here we go.

(Note: this is my second tab, I think, so go easy.)

Tabbed By : emery01
e-mail: michaelemery@iinet.net.au (don't email me if you have issues, chances are, I 
be able to help you.)

Tuning: Standard

Song starts w/ horn section then a drum roll. Then the baritone sax plays this:

(note: the "x" is a muted string pluck)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/y/yoko_kanno/too_good_too_bad_btab.html ]

7x and then on the eighth time the horns do a walkdown, something like this:


Then a solo with some bass improv. which i'm not going to tab.

Then it goes back to the head (intro thing)

Then some solos and the bass goes like this:


That the basis of the song, but like I said, there are alot improv and walkdown bits 
are a bit out of my league.

Good luck on your quest.


(PS. Don't rate badly because I didn't do the whole song)