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Needle Of Death Chords

i'm not sure that these are actually exactly what he plays (i'm thinking its maybe a
capo and another guitar or something, 
but i'm not sure...but the positions pretty much work) 

Needle of Death 
by: yo la tengo

intro: D, Dsus2, Dsus2(II), G, G(II), Bm , A7/6, A7(II)
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D      Dsus2-Dsus(II)   G   G(II)  
when sadness fills your heart 
Bm                              A   A7    A7(II)
and sorrow hides the longing to be free
D      Dsus2-(II)         G   G(II)
when things go wrong each day 

you fix your mind skip the misery 


your troubled young life 
that made you turn 
    G                  A7/6 A7 
to a needle of death .........

chord voicing
D: x00232
Dsus: x00230
Dsus(II): x00235
G: 320003
Bm: 799777
A7/6: 575675
A7: 575685