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Good Enough For Now, by Weird Al Yankovic

This is a basic 1-4-5 kind of thing; play it in the key you feel most
comfortable.  As for me, I like G, so here it is in G:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/y/yankovic_weird_al/good_enough_for_now_tab.html ]
               G               C              G
Oh, you know I couldn't live a single day without you,
G            G                 C               D
Actually, on second thought, well, I suppose I could.
   G             C                G                 C
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is honey, you're the greatest.
         G           D                   G
Well, at any rate, I guess you're pretty good.

       G               C          G
Now it seems to me I'm relatively lucky,
         G               C                D
I know I probly couldn't ask for too much more.
  C            C              G            C
I honestly can say you're an above-average lady,
       G                D                 G 
You're almost just what I've been looking for.

       G            C            G
You're sort of everything I ever wanted.
           G              C        D
You're not perfect, but I love you anyhow.
C          C               G      C                
You're the woman that I've always dreamed of,
          G                  D               G
Well, not really, but you're good enough for now.

       G               C                G
You're pretty close to what I've always hoped for,
           G               C             D
And that's why my love for you is fairly strong.
      C         C           G         C         
And I swear I'm never gonna leave you darling,
   G                   D             G     
At least til something better comes along.


Brian Manning, bsmannin@buphy.bu.edu