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Heavens Rain Chords

                       X-Y - Heaven's rain

                                       Music & Words by J-L Ducroiset

website  : www.xyrock.net
Facebook : XYofficial
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/another-me/id378448734


Dm    C                      G
I can feel what I was waiting for...

         Dm  C           G
Since that day I don't need more!

Dm      C               G
My past life has gone away,

Dm            C                  G
I've left behind me immortality.

F       C              Dm
Now I'm free to make my way,

F          C    Dm
down on Earth I will now stay.

Am       G              C             F
Heaven's crying, they've lost one of them,

    Am         G        Dm
but I'm not far and I'll be back.


           Am         F
'Cause I'm no more an angel no!
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      Dm       F  G     Am      F        G
But a human fallen from paradise this rainy day.

        Am         F
And I'm no more an angel no!

    Dm           F    G     Am        F    G
I'm feeling alive like I've never been before...


Dm             C                    G
What could it be? This strange feeling

               Dm         C
that made me come down here...

      G                   F        C        Dm
Is it love Honey? At your side, forever I will stay,

F         C            Dm
and we'll travel together until the end.

          Am         G          C            F
But she's white and cold and has slept for 3 days...

Am     G       Dm
Will I save her now that 


(same chords than previous chorus)
I'm no more an angel no!
What will I do, now that you're no longer there?
And I'm no more an angel no!
My life is nonsense if you're far away from me...

And I'm just a lonely human...
Heaven's rain has brought me to this place.
And I'm just a lonely human...
Only waiting to go back up there... to paradise.