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Just listen to the song and you should know when to come in~MambaMia

The bass part starts the song off but if you're feeling ballsy then i've transposed the 
bass part for another guitar.

[Bass Part](This is played throughout the ENTIRE song without stopping)
((Except for the power chord parts))
(Entire part is palm muted)

[Guitar Intro]

[Power Chords]*
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wzrd/live_and_learn_tab.html ]

*After third time add this little part

[Guitar Intro]

When you hear the lyrics "I like whiskey, black leather and diamonds" start playing the 
[guitar intro] again.

After bass solo part play the entire [power chord] section twice

[Guitar Intro]
When you stop, listen for the bass part to play it's section 8 times, then play the 
intro until you fade away.

\\=slide down the fret
~=hold the chord( the more of them you see, the longer you hold it)
x3=how many times you play that section before moving on

This is a very easy song, i learned by ear in a in about 15 minutes so you should be 
able to get this in about ten. All the parts are perfect. Much love
to Wzrd for making such a great album.