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Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 01:42:42 CEST
From: Vebjoern Braathen 
Subject:  w/wynn_steve/carolyn.crd

(Written and performed by Steve Wynn)
(Album: Kerosene man, 1990)

His debut album as an soloartist, Kerosene man, is one goldmine of an

His first pop-pearl of a song. Easy and lots of fun to play.
Check him out.(http://www.stevewynn.net)

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G                       D
In this town there's a joke going around
     Am                 D
And everyone says it's you
         G                              D
They're fazed, they're crazed, they're constantly amazed
         Am                D
At the things you say and do
     G                   D
He lies, he steals, he cheats on you
      Am               D
And comes back in the end
          G                D             Am
You say "Man, I'll do anything you want
Don't leave me again"

G   C      D    G          C              D           
Car-o-o-o-lyn, can't you see what you're doin'
G   C      D    G       C          D           
Car-o-o-o-lyn, step outside of the ruin

You sit home alone by your telephone
Playing it tit-for-tat
Well, I don't mean to get all in the air
But I think you're better than that
He'll hold you down, he'll pin you down
And make you holler "When!"
You say "Man, I'll do anything you want
Don't leave me again"


Well, I ain't nop knight in shining armor
Coming to rescue you
I'm lazy I'm crazy and I think you know 
I et mean when I've had a few
But I'm not the kind to shake you down
And peck at you like a hen
C'mon baby, take a walk with with me now
And start all over again