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Blinded By Pain Chords

From: Ryan O´Reilly (remexone@yahoo.com)
Why aren´t there any tabs on the net of Rich Wyman?? So here´s one...

verses: D, Em, C, G

chorus: D, G, C, G
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wyman_rich/blinded_by_pain_crd.html ]
bridge: Hm, C, Em, C, G, Em, Hm, C, G, D, C7 (or just something like that)

D                     Em         C                       G
How could I sit there by myself, watching the world slip away... etc.

           D     G   C             G 
Blinded by pain, Oh-oh, blinded by pain... etc.

Please post more of Rich´s songs ´cause I can´t do them all by myself.