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This Boy Is Exhausted Chords

Got the lyrics elsewhere; some of them sound a little off.
The recurring riff is just a C to a B and then two Cs.

          G             F
For lock me in, tied to work
          Am              C
Cutting diamonds, cutting diamonds
    G            F
100 days with no pay
Not anymore
          G              F
Cause I'm caught I can't type
        Am                C
I can't temp I'm way past college
        G            F
No ways out, No back doors
Not anymore
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         G      F
But then once a while
C                     Am
We'll play a show that makes it worthwhile
   G          F
Our sights set low
C                        G
As Jerry squares off the set here we go
     Am  C/B  C               G  F  C
But...           this boy is exhausted

Eight hours long, a single song
Come to this: triple guessing
Double down, a V.P.'s faith is one single long
Cause I can't write what I know
It's not worth writing
I can't tell a hit from hell one sing-along

But then Greg plugs in
A treble checking that says we might win
Hell's Henry pearls
The woven strap wins the Galloway girls

But then Kev jumps in
And hits the floor as the stick hits the rim
I guess we're done
Cause every win on this record's hard won