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Jane Fakes A Hug Chords

This is just a transcription of the chords Charles posted on the band forum,
all I've done is set the timing.  Each / represents a beat of the previous 
chord, and chords written like A/G# represent an A chord with a G# in the 
bass.  Couple of tricky diminished chords and bass notes, but otherwise not 
too bad.  Tempo is very, very slow.  Strumming pattern is just one downward 
strum per chord name or slash.  I've tried to place the chord names and 
slashes right above the lyric they correspond to, down to the word and 
syllable.  The two second verses are sung simultaneously, though Charles' is
much more drawn out and is better suited as a backup to Kevin's.

Play this one like a bad memory.

Verse 1

A       /    A/G#        /         A/F#     /      A/G     /
Jane         fakes       a         hug
D   /    D/C#    /    D/B     /                 Bdim         Fdim   F#m   /
She                               throws  her - self down on the    rug 
A/G    /       D    /       D/C#    /
       What's wrong?
D/B      /        B7      Cdim     C#m    /
     My dragging days are whipping long 
D    /        A     /
   I can't go on 
A/G#  /       F#m   /             
Time chained friendless 
D   /     C#m  /    /
    Oh,   Jane 
C#m       E     /     /     /
Let's     end this 

Verse 2 (Kevin)
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A       /        A/G#     /
    I'd tell her more my thinking
A/F#      /         A/G         /
     But she'd just stare back blinking 
D       /     D/C#     /           D/B
Can't find attraction hate our new house 
She don't get 
Bdim           Fdim   F#m     /
     She don't get my work 
A/G     /       D         /
Jane's made me flirt
D/C#     /         D/B    /    B7         Cdim       C#m    /
In      fact  I've met             this   girl,   Annette 
D     /      A     /    A/G#      /       F#m     /          
   I made a pass     my life's a crumbled mess 
   D        /        C#m       /
I took the girl's address 
    C#m        /        E   /         /          /
She just broke up with Paul    and I think Jane knows her

Verse 2 (Charles)

A    /    A/G#    /
Two       apr  -  ils 
A/F#   /     A/G     /
D      /     D/C#    /   D/B
D/B     Bdim
Offer   all 
   Fdim   F#m  /   A/G
To god on high 
 A/G   D       /   D/C#   /    D/B
Tell   why 
  D/B      B7       Cdim     C#m     /    
I got this far with none for wife 
D         /       A      /    A/G#   /    F#m  /
    This charming   life,   I can't  un - Jane me 
D       /      C#m  /    /
   She married Paul 
 C#m       E   /  /       /
That      fall,   Aprils ago

Verse 3
A       /        A/G#    /
   Boredom crept in and found me 
A/F#      /     A/G       /
     Temptation follows, mounts me 
D     /          D/C#     /          D/B     /
  Our oaths, our real  -  ty, a good job, a husband 
Bd         Fdim    F#m     /
      A husband or what 
A/G        /        D     / 
  Christ, Jane, I'm not
D/C#   /     D/B   /
  I   never  was 
B7     Cdim         C#m  /  
   She turns, spits out 
D         /         A
  "We're done, get out
A      A/G#   /       F#m
   I   wanna say good luck 
F#m         D      /      C#m
But I don't wanna hold you up 
C#m       /        /      E
     You bastard, son of dirt
       E           /        /
Can't picture our house without you"