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Love Riot Chords

Love Riot

Written by Worth Dying For
Tab by titansmlb102

*Verse is played like this: A-F-F-F-F-G-G-A*

Verse 1 (First 4 lines are synth)

F            G       A
Our hope now is rising
F            G       A
The darkness we're fighting
F            G       A
Our voices uniting
F            G       A
Love shatters the silence

Verse 2 (Guitar comes in)

F            G       A
We have been infected
F            G       A
Our world is affected
F            G       A
You paid for our freedom
F            G       A
We fight for Your kingdom


Start a riot, for the sake of love

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/worth_dying_for/love_riot_crd.html ]
  F              G            A
Our hearts now beat with the love you gave
 F              G             A
Our world is changed cause You made a way
 F              G             A
We're breaking free from the enemy
 F          A
We are, we are
the love riot

Verse 2
Chorus (x2) (2nd time through,G end on D)

Chorus #2:

Love Riot
Turn the city upside down
Love Riot
For the name of Jesus


With Your love, with Your love, I'm breaking free
Now Your love, now Your love, alive in me.
 D                                        F
Can you hear, can you hear the sound of love


A   F   E

Chorus #2

This is my first time submitting a tab, i'm pretty sure these are the right chords. This 
can be played in either standard or Drop D tuning, although I prefer drop D for playing 
low D on the prechorus.

Awesome, rocking song! Can't wait for the full album!

Feel more than free to leave corrections or comments! I may have messed up 
bless! :D