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Me And My Bass Guitar Bass Tab

                   Me and My Bass Guitar (Main groove)                     

                                                              Victor Wooten
>From the CD "A Show of Hands"

Transcription and Tab by Mark Castillo - markc@webFreaks.com
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wooten_victor/me_and_my_bass_guitar_btab_ver_2.html ]
This is the basic groove played just before the lyrics (after the percussive intro).
There are many variations of this throughout the song.
Victor seems to be using a "flemenco rake" style of plucking similar to Stu Hamm's. 
Here, he is plucking straight 16th notes, as apposed to 16th note triplets (like Stu Hamm).
I've never seen Victor play, so I hope this transcription is close ;-) If someone has any 
corrections or comments, I welcome them at my email address above.

Slap with your thumb, pluck with your index and middle finger keeping your wrist straight 
and fingers rigid. Index finger plucks the D string, middle finger plucks the G string.
There are two dead note plucks on the G string in the 16th note group of beat three.
Perform this by plucking with the index finger, then immediately with your middle.
Good luck!