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Far From Good Chords

Far From Good
Wookie Foot
Standard Tuning

	       Am	       G	     C	   E	F

Am                                                             G    C
I try to walk away and she comes running   I try to get in close she runs away
             Am                                                          G       C
She’ll do anything you want if you are leaving that is anything you want until you stay
                   Am                                                G      C
I found the combination to her little safe once but everything inside had turned to dust
                     Am                                                  G         C
She says it’s only for the best to never read it I think she thinks it’s for the best to never trust
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                     F                   C               G           Am
She looks so good from afar she’s so far from good
  F		       C		    G
It takes a whole lot of shit to make her cry
F                    C           E		     Am
Try to get inside I don’t think that you could 
                F                C        E                                     Am
She looks good from afar           but she’s so far from good

Verse 2
Am                                                                 G         C
Someone in the past had done some damage        someone beat up on a little girl
  Am                                                                       G                     C
I don’t know who or when or what had happened but I see the price for being pretty in this world
                Am                                                             G         C
It takes a whole lot of strength to hold her shield up        and every now and then I catch a peak
                      Am                                                         G                C
I guess she’s saving up for someone that’ll hurt her I guess I sometimes wish that someone could be me

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