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I've had several requests for sogns. This is one from Woodstock
I don't tune the guitar to open D, But anyone who watches the
move will see that it makes life easy. There are six verses 
with the interlude after every second verse.

Richard Havens and Louis Goussett, 1967

** Guitar tuned in open D  1st - D , 2nd - A, 3rd - F#, 4th - D
   5th - A, 6th - D

D ------     G ------    A ------     C ------
  ||||||       ******      ******       |||*||
  ||||||       ||||||      ||||||       ||*||*
  ||||||       ||||||      ||||||       ||||*|

  OOOOOO       5th fret   7th fret      XO

G         A              D           C   D
Hey look yonder, tell me what's that you see,
G               A            D

   G                   A             D          C  D

A                       D         A                       D

NC         G        A    D              A         D
Hey, it's along the hard road    It's a long hard road
       G    A    D         A             D