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Darkness Fell Chords

Darkness Fell - Wolfgang  //tabbed by benjay zamboangnon//
Intro : D--A---C--G-D
And so she woke up from a dream
That was beautiful starry and so wild
C                              G-D
It was all still clear in her eyes
And though her mind was foggy
And blank she wondered why
Her life couldn't be as lovely
it was time...
               D                        A
There was this king he had no castle or throne
        C                    G-D
But his horse was great and white
        D                       A
He rode alone and liked it that way
But when he met her he swore
         G               D       Em C
He would never leave her side... 
     G               D
They rode across the land
    Em              C
Two lovers hand in hand
        G                D
And no danger could come near
         Em                 C
And when something made her cry
   G              D         
She'd look at him teary eyed
Em     C               G   D
And he would make her feel better
D          A              C             G-D
Oh so much better so much better than before
And now this forest was their home
It was a night time
And the right time for love
In the dark
She placed her hand upon his chest
And all the rest just flowed
       C              G-D                        Em C
Makin' love down under an ancient far away night
   G      D          Em           C 
It was so grand just holdin' someone's hand
         G           D         Em   C
And now safety came naturally
   G      D     Em             C
It was so clear that she would never
G  D              
ever have to fear

ADLIB : D-A-C-G 2x


Oh tell me a story of magic and spiralling ships
And stars in the night
Just whisper in my ears
Make it soft but make it clear
I want to hear every breath you say
He placed his hand upon her breast
But she woke up from the land
Tears falling in her hands
As she looked up askin' why
She laid back in her bed
Thoughts raising in her head
Why can't my life be beautiful she said
As she closed her eyes again
Just prayin' he'd return
But only Darkness Fell upon her...

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