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Back To Back Acoustic Chords

this isnt a full tab/ chord chart,  all of my tabs  
are collaboration works for rare songs that do not 
have a large enough following to be widely tabbed 
due to the bands lack of air time or lack of global mobility. 
this is simply  the result and findings of hours of
 watching and re watching videos, listening to songs 
until they are annoying, and googling until im gaggled with gurgle.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wolfgang/back_to_back_acoustic_crd.html ]
chances are if you found this  you are trying to
 find a full tab~
( make a account and add to this one  in comments and i will add it in)  
standard tuning 
capo 3 

(each *** is a different opinion / use of cords in the song ***)

D Em C C G

bridge: Em, G, A7, C 

the walk away part is: D. Em, G, Am 
Verse: D G Cadd9 G  

Chorus: D Em C C, 

D, Em, C, G