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ROCK ON ROCKALL (Wolfe Tones) 
Oh the [G] empire is finished no [D] foreign lands to [G] seize 
So the [C] greedy eyes of [G] England are looking towards the [D] seas 
Two [G] hundred miles from Done[Em]gal, there's a [G] place that's called Rockall 
And the [C] groping hands of [G] Whitehall are [D] grabbing at its [G] walls 
Oh [G] rock on Rockall, you'll never [Em] fall to [G] Britain's greedy hands 
Or you'll [C] meet the same [G] resistance that you did in many [D] lands 
May the [G] seagulls rise and pluck your [Em] eyes and the [G] water crush your shell, 
And the [C] natural gas will [G] burn your ass and [D] blow you all to [G] hell. 

For this rock is part of Ireland, 'cos it' s written in folklore 
That Fionn MacCumhaill took a sod of grass and he threw it to the fore, 
Then he tossed a pebble across the sea, where ever it did fall, 
For the sod became the Isle of Man and the pebble's called Rockall. 
Now the seas will not be silent, while Britannia grabs the waves 
And remember that the Irish will no longer be your slaves, 
And remember that Britannia, well, - she rules the waves no more 
So keep your hands off Rockall - it's Irish to the core. 

hope you like it.
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