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Helicopter Song Chords

Submitted by Dotsey


This song is by the legendary Irish ballad group the Wolfe Tones.
It's about the escape from Mountjoy prison (Dublin) of three Provo's
in a helicopter. The guards thought it was the prison warden coming
in but it was a sucessful escape for the Provo's. Who to this day
remain at large.

G                      C        G
Up like a bird and high over the city
              Em         C                D
"Three men are missing" I heard the warder cry
        G                          C             D
"Sure it must have been a bird that flew into the prison
      C                       D        C      D         G
Or one of those new Ministers" said the warder from Mountjoy

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Verse 1
Early one morning as the branchmen they were sleeping
A little helicopter flew in from the sky
Down into the yard were some prisoners were walking
"Get ready for inspection" said the warder in the 'Joy

Verse 2
Down in the yard through the pushing and the shoving
Three of the prisoners they climbed upon the bird
And up and away they went into the grey skies
"I think someone escaped" said the warder in the 'Joy

Verse 3
Over in the Dáil they were drinking gin and brandy
The Minister for Justice was soaking up the sun
Then came this little message that some prisoners were escaping
"I think it's three of the Provo's" said the warder in the 'Joy

Verse 4
"Search every hole search every nook and cranny
Let no man rest until these men are found,
For this cannot happen to a law and order government"
"I think you'll never find them" said the warder in Mountjoy