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Celtic Symphony Chords

Submitted by Dotsey

Words & Music by Brian Warfield & friends

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Verse 1
  It was far across the sea,
  When the devil got a hold of me,
  He wouldn't set me free,
  So he kept me soul for ransom.
  Na na na na na...
Verse 2
  I'm a sailor man from Glasgow town,
      G                 C
  I've sailed this world around and round,
  He's the meanest thing that I have found,
    C      G       Am
  In all me days of wandering.
  Na na na na na...
Verse 3
  And I could see his evil eyes,
     G                  C
  But instead he took me by surprise,
  Take me to your paradise,
   C       G       Am
  I want to see the jungle!
  Na na na na na...
  Am     C                      G
  Here we go again, we're on the road again
              C                               G
  We're on the road again, we're on the way to paradise.
             C                             G
  We love the jungle deep, that's where the lion sleeps,
                C                               G
  For then those evil eyes, they have no place in paradise.
  Graffiti on the walls just as the sun was going down
  Graffiti on the walls - up the Celts! up the Celts!
  Graffiti on the walls says we're magic, we're magic,
  G                                    Am
  Graffiti on the wall, graffiti on the wall...
              G  Am     G                      Am
  *It says ooh ah up the 'Ra, say ooh ah up the 'Ra *[x4]
Verse 4
  We went through each jungle deep,
  For the paradise that we did seek,
  Twas no trip for the weak,
  We're waltzing with the natives.
  Na na na na na...
Verse 5
  From the Amazon to Borneo,
  From Africa to Tokyo,
  From the darkest jungles of the world,
  But nowhere could I lose him.
  Na na na na na...

Verse 6
  Around in circles every way,
  He turned to me and he did say,
  "I think you're leading me astray,
  I want your soul, me boyo!"
  Na na na na na...