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Forgiven Tab

It's my first tab ever, so sorry for mistakes, and because I want to sing along 
to the guitar, I've made the whole song darker. It's not as Sharon sings.

It's VERY simple, just play Em, C, G and D, like this.

Em        C                 G      D
Coulden't save you from the start
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/within_temptation/forgiven_tab.html ]
Em       C              G       D
Love you so it hurts my soul

Em       C                    G            D               Em      C
Can you forgive me for trying again, your silence makes me hold my breath

         G                   C
For that time who passed you by'

Then it continues all the time through the whole song! A perfect beginner song 
and it's really fun!