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Three Girl Rhumba Chords

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artist: wire
song: three girl rhumba
album: pink flag
transcriber: -d. (samizdata@juno.com)

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think of a number,
divide it by 2;
something is nothing,
nothing is nothing.

open a box,
tear off the lid,
then think of a number, 
dont think of an answer.

open your eyes,
think of a number,
don't get swept under,
a number's a number.

E G# A B
a chance encounter you want to avoid the inevitable
so you do, oh yes you do,
the impossible.

now you ain't got a number,
you just wanna rhumba,
and there ain't no way you're gonna go under.
go under, go under, you tear me asunder, yeah!

E :0221xx
A :577xxx
B :799xxx

sorry, couldn't make out the words to the elastica song
so just used the original.