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Outdoor Miner Chords

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From: michaelh@auck.irl.cri.nz (Michael Hayes)
Subject: Re: REQ:  Wire - Outdoor Miner

As far as I know there were two versions recorded of Outdoor Miner by Wire.
The album version on Chairs Missing and the single version with the piano middle
section --- this appeared on the compilation album.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wire/outdoor_miner_crd.html ]
Jeez it is years since I've played this song.
From memory the Lyrics are

No blind spots
in leopard's eyes
only helps
to jeopardise
the lives of lambs
the shepherd cries

An after life
for a silver fish
eternal dust
less ticklish
than a clean room
a house gets swept

He lies on his side
Is he trying to hide?
In fact it's the earth
He's known since birth

A face worker
a serpentine miner
the roof falls
an underliner
of leaf culture
the egg timer

The chords are essentially:

Intro: E

Verse: A C#m B

Chorus: E A G B