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[ Tab from: ] Prologue (“gone”)  -  Gabe Winters From the album                       “What keeps you awake”     Transcription by Chris DudleyThis song is totally new, but it’s so hot. It’s a fun riff to play for friends.   Intro:  Em C G (A/C#?) Em    0220xx C     X320xx G     320xxx A/C#  5400xx P=pull on  Em             C             G               A/C#? e--X-----------X-------------X----------------X----------------------b--X-----------X-------------X----------------X-----------------------g--0-----------0-------------X----------------0------------------------d-0p2----------2-------------0----------------0------------------------a-0p2---------p3-------------2----slide>>>up--4----------------e--0-----------X-------------3----------------5---------------------------- Do it anyway you want,I think it sounds cool to play. ‘specially with real tight and quick strumming PLEASE let me hear from you if you’ve got any questions! Tell your friends about Guitar Tab Universe. It’s Awesome!