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Free And Alone Chords

Free and Alone
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Intro/Verses: G  B7 Em  C  B7  Em
Pre-Choruses: C  G  Em  C  B7
Choruses:     Em  B7  C  B7

Verse 1
Well I've been working on becoming what I am
In this bus terminal bathroom
And these days I dream like I live
Off trash and scammed greyhound passes
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Why don't I take a shower ya wonder
I guess what I can't smell
I just can't remember

So I'm doing my best to smell 
Just like this basement forever

Verse 2
Well isn't hitchhiking dead they all ask
Not as long as I'm still broke and breathing
And if they don't cut this thumb off my dead fist
Well they won't even stop me by burying me

There ain't nothing like singing 
Your heart out to nobody
As you fall asleep by the side of the road

You know I've never felt quite as free 
Or quite as alone
Or quite as alone