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The Brand New Tennessee Chords

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Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 21:54:07 -0500
From: Thomas LaBelle 

This is from Jesse Winchester's
first album (1970Bearsville/1994Stony Plain);
a classic produced by The Band's,
Robbie Robertson. As you might guess
it's in 3/4 time. You can find a remade
version on Let the Rough Side Drag
(1976 Bearsville).

The Brand New Tennessee Waltz 

By Jesse Winchester
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Oh my but you have a pretty face
         G                       D
You favour a girl that I knew
     G                             D
I imagine that she's still in Tennessee
            A7                           D
And by God I should be there too
           A7                           D
I've a sadness too sad to be true
But I left Tennessee in a hurry dear
        G                                 D
The same way that Im leaving you
               G                         D
Because love is mainly just memories
And everyone's got him a few
                    A7                         D
So when I'm gone I'll be glad to love you

                G          D
     At the brand new Tennessee waltz
      (D)                              A7      
     You're literally waltzing on air
                  G           D
      At the brand new Tennessee waltz
       (D)                     A7             D 
      There's no telling who will be there 

When I leave it'll be like I found you love 
Descending Victorian stairs
I'm feeling like one of your photographs
Trapped while I'm putting on airs
And getting even by asking who cares

Repeat Chorus

So have all of your passionate violins
Play a song for a Tennessee kid
Who's feeling like leaving another town
With no place to go if he did
'Cause they'll catch you wherever you're hid

Repeat Chorus
Break (one verse) end

submitted by Thomas LaBelle