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From: (Ben H. Rushing Jr)
Subject: glory_to_the_day--jesse_winchester

Another nice, early (late 60's) Jesse Winchester song.
As soon as I can work out some TAB on this one there is
a really nice little pattern in this one. Sing this one
with lots of feeling.

Ben Rushing  (

Glory to the Day

Words and Music by Jesse Winchester

Key of D

[D]Have you ever stood at a [A7]real old water [D]well

And [A7] dropped a rock and listened while it [D]fell.

You're [A7]listening, listening while it [D]fell.

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[D]Have you ever watched a [A7]fire burn all [D]night,

And the [A7]ashes cool just as the sky gets [D]light.

You're [A7]watching the darkness growing [D]light.

[Instrumental interlude]

[D]Well the real old water [A7]well, well that's

your [D]soul. So [A7]silent and so deep inside its 

[D]hole. Its [A7]answer is so very far [D]away.

[D]And the magic of the [A7]light, well that's our 

[D]way. We'll [A7]mourn the nights, we'll glorify 

the [D]day. So [A7]thank you, glory to our [D]day.

Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm [A7]thank you glory to the [D]day.

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