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From: Thomas LaBelle []
Sent: Saturday, January 24, 1998 9:25 PM

Here's a classic from Jesse Winchester's first album
(Bearsville 1970/Stony Plain 1994)

     Black Dog  by Jesse Winchester

Black dog up and sniffed his plate
Dm         (G)       Am
Steaming on the stove
The kids ain't seen you home all day
Dm                        (G)      Am
You're a gentleman born to roam

CHORUS:(repeat every four lines)
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Dm                    Am
Black dog don't believe in sin
Dm                      Am
Think of where the black dog's been
Dm               E7                 Am
Think of where he's

Have you seen the black dog's teeth
Sharp, like a knife
Have you seen them tear upon a throat
To take a life

Have you seen black dog's eyes
Starin' at the fire
It would not occur to him
To question your desire

Iv'e always had a fear of creatures
Cryin' in the dark
And every form of evil
Seems to bear an evil mark

My woman lies beside me
And the black dog at my feet
She keeps me from my wandering life
He robs me of my sleep

I don't know the black dog's name
When I call him, he don't come
How'd I ever get that black dog
Lord I sure never wanted one

  submitted by Thomas LaBelle