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To Be Loved Chords

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From: Andrew Rogers 
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 12:53:39 -0500
Subject: ./w/wilson_jackie/to_be_loved.crd

                             "To Be Loved"
             (Berry Gordy, Jr. - Tyrone Carlo - Gwen Gordy)


	F       Dm       Bb  Gm C7/E C7
	/   /   /   /    /   /   /   /

Verse 1:

	Someone to care
	Someone to share
	Lonely hours
	And the moments of despair


	To be loved (to be loved)
	To be loved (to be loved)
	Gm          C7            (F)
	Oh, what a feeling to be loved

	1: F       Dm       Gm      C7        [to verse 2]
	   /   /   /   /    /   /   /   /
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	2: F       Gm     Abdim7   F/A F7/A   [to bridge]
	   /   /   /   /    /   /   /   /

	3: F       Dm       Bb     C7/G /C    [to coda]
	   /   /   /   /    /   /   /   /

Verse 2:

	Someone to kiss
	Someone to miss
	When you're away
	To hear each today

[repeat chorus]


	Bbmaj7             C7/G  Fmaj7     F#dim7
	       Some wish to be a king or a queen
	Gm                C7          F    F7
	   Some wish for fortune and fame
	       Bb         Bdim7         F/C   A7/C#  Dm
	But to be   truly       truly, truly, truly loved
	    G7                     Gm7     C7
	Is more than all of these things   oh, oh

[repeat verse 2]

[repeat chorus]


	To be loved (to be loved)
	To be loved (to be loved)
	Gm          C7 [N.C.; strings continue]
	Oh, what a feeling
	To be.......
	[strings tacit] Be loved

	   F       Dm       Bb /G C7/E Gb7-5 F
	   /   /   /   /    /   /   /   /    /

-- another ace 50's tab from Andrew Rogers