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Bloody Mary Mornin Chords

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Bloody Mary Mornin'

Written & Performed by Willie Nelson
        Phases & Stages Album

Transcribed by: David Wier   dwier@airmail.net (http://www.airmail.net/~dwier)
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A - A7                 D
          Well it's a Bloody Mary Mornin' -
baby left me without warnin' - sometime in the night
And I'm flyin' down to Houston - forgetting her, the nature of my flight

Verse 1:
A                                                            E
As we taxi down the runway, the smog & haze reminding me of how I feel
Just a country boy who's learnin' that the pitfalls of the city are
extremely real
All the night life & the parties - temptation & deceit the order of the day
                                                                    A    A7
And it's a bloody mary mornin' cause I'm leavin' baby somewhere in LA

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
Our golden jet is airborn - flight 50 cuts a path across the mornin' sky
And a voice comes on the speaker reassuring us flight 50 is the way to fly.
A hostess takes our order - coffee, tea or somethin' stronger to start off
the day
And it's a bloody mary mornin' cause I'm leavin' baby somewhere in LA