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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 02:44:54 EDT
From: YrIgnition 
Subject: w/williams_victoria/my_ally.crd

Song: "My Ally" by Victoria Williams
from the album LOOSE
Transcribed by Frank McFarland 

(A special thanks to Jeanette Morgan for sharing Victoria Williams with
 me and for all of those late night hootenannies that got me to practice
 my guitar.)

G    Bm    C    D
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/williams_victoria/my_ally_crd.html ]
G        Bm   C                              D
No we don't make passionate love
G        Bm   C                        D
No we don't even kiss and hug
G      Bm   C          D
Not a lot of jealosy
G                    Bm   C                                D
I'm friends with you I hope you're friends with me.

G                Bm
You're my    ally
C                D
You're my    ally
G                Bm       C       D
You're my    ally.

Worn out crutches just don't exist
Spin around 'til we're tired of this
We don't care who owns who
You don't own me I don't own you.


F                                                                 G
Standing on the pavement looking like an accident
F                                                        G
Waiting on a weekend catch you in the (wind?).


G                Bm
You're my    ally.

We don't care who owns who
You don't own me I don't own you.

CHORUS (end on third "you're my ally" w/out playing final C  D chords)