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Strong 3 Replace Tab

Artist: Robbie Williams
Song: Strong
Tabbed by: robertio 

b=bend (up or down)
r=release (from bend)

(Capo on 1st)

D       G       Em      Asus4  A
D       E7      G       Asus4  A  Asus2  A
Ah      ah      ah      ah

Verse 1:
My breath smells of a thousand fags 
And when I'm drunk I dance like me Dad
        Em7                      Asus4  A  Asus2  A
I've started to dress a bit like him
And early morning when I wake up
I look like Kiss but without the make-up
    Em7                                  Asus4  A  Asus2  A
And that's a good line to take it to the bridge

Em7                                  Bm
And you know, and you know 'cause my life's a mess
Em7                         Asus4      A   Asus2   A
And I'm trying to grow, so before I'm old I'll confess

D                  E7              G            A
You think that I'm strong, you're wrong, you're wrong
D            E7         G       A
I'll sing my song, my song, my song
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Verse 2:
My bed's full of takeaways, and fantasies of easy lays
The pause button's broke on my video.
And is this real? 'Cause I feel fake, Oprah Winfrey, Ricki Lake
Teach me things I don't need to know
Repeat bridge and chorus

Middle 8:
If I did it all again I'd be a nun
The rain was never cold when I was young
          Em                 B
I'm still young, we're still young
Life's too short to be afraid
G       Em7     D       E7      G 
Step inside the sun

 D			   E7		    G	

to Bridge

Outro: (repeat x4 to fade)
D                                               E7
Life's too short to be afraid, take a pill to numb the pain
G                                   A
You don't have to take the blame