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Nobody Someday Chords

Nobody Someday - BSide to feel, and appears in the film
great song, i love it

E                     A                          E      A
   I'm a jigolo I'm joseph I'm a satellite of song

E                            A                              E   A
     I'm everybody that I know, and they know for being wrong

B                        A
    If I'm not mistaken,    this is my heart breaking

B                              A
     I'm the man who threw it all away-----------

B                     A
   Destiny is calling, Telling me to be boring

A                              NC
And I don't care anyway, gonna be nobody someday

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I'm the demon that you fear, I'm the joker, I'm the thief
I'm the lonesome cowboy rider, I'm the Indian cheif
Gotta watch my figure, boy if I get much bigger
They'll stick a pin in me and I'll blow away.
If I get richer, boy they'll take my picture
Taking my soul away,
Gonna be nobody someday

I'm a moonlight serenade, I'm your bed when you are cold.
I'm the captain of titanic, I'm thepassenger in the hold
And from the way I'm thinking, we'll both be sinking
I knew b4 we sailed away
(Sorry he doesnt't sing this line so I don't know it)
From the tip of my ego
It's all you saw anyway
Gonna be nobody someday.

The riff just goes something like this (it runs right through)


I don't even know how timing works on tab so it won't be right but it's really simplke, just listen.