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Title:  	Come UndoneArtist:	Robbie WilliamsAlbum:	EscapologyTabbed by:	Stefan WillemsenCapo: fourth fretIntro: 	G/C/G/CVerse: 	G		So unimpressed....		C		Such a saint....		G		So self aware...		C		So indecisive...			D								CBridge:	I«m contemplainting thinking «bout thinking		D							C		It«s overrated, just to get another drink in	Chorus:				G			Watch me come undone		G							C		Theyre selling razor blades and mirrors in the street		G				   C		I pray when I«m coming down, you'll....		G					 C		If I ever hurt you, your revenge will be ...			  Am 			   C			G		Because I«m scum and I«m your son, ...Middle 8:	F		So write another ballad...		C		Sell it on a Thursday..		G		It«s a love song...		F		Do another interview...		C		Tell about celebrities...		G		And sing love songs...Solo:	G/C/G/C/G/C/Am/C/GThat is a rather simple song although it sounds great. You can bring a little variatrion by changing whenever you play C between the C chord and the Cam9 variation lifting your middlefinger. The little notes in the intro can be played using the G/G6 shape.
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