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Come Undone Chords

Verse:     A,D,
Bridge:    E,A,E,A
Chorus:    A,D,E.

Verse 1:

So unimpressed but so in ore,
Such a saint but such a whore,
So self aware so full of shit,
So indesisive so adamant,

Bridge 1:

Im contemplating thinkin bout thinkin,
Its overated just gettin over drinkin,
Watch me come undone.

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There sellin razer blades and mirrors in the street,
I pray that when im comin down ull be asleep,
and if i ever hurt you your revenge will be so sweet,
because im scum and im your son,
i come undone     x2.

Verse 2:

So rock n roll so corperate suite,
So damn ugly so damn cute,
So L-Train so animal,
So need your love so fuck you all.

Bridge 2:

Im not scared of dyin i just dont want to,
If i stop lyin i just dissapoint you,
i come undone.


Repeat       x2.

The end..............


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