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Better Man Tab


Better Man
By: Robbie Williams
Intro Riff:

e  ||------2----------2---||-------2-----------2------------2--||------2-----------||
B ||---4-----4----4------||----------4-----4----4------4-----|| ---------4-------||              repeat(ii)3x
G ||-4---------4---------||--4----------4-----------4---------||--4---------4----||              (iii) is the ending of the intro riff
D ||----------------------||-------------------------------------||------------------||                      played 1x
A ||----------------------||-------------------------------------||------------------||
E ||----------------------||-------------------------------------||------------------||
              (i)                          (ii)                                       (iii)

                C                                        Am
Send someone to love me, I need to rest in arms

              Fm                                Em
Keep me safe from harm, In pouring rain

                 C                               Am
Give me endless summer, Lord I fear the cold
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                  Fm                        Em
Feel I'm getting old, Before my time

         G7                   Em
As my soul heals the shame

         G7                    Em
I will grow through this pain

       C                  Am
Lord I'm doing all I can

To be a better man

repeat(i), (ii) & (iii)

                   C                                    Am
Go easy on my conscience, 'Cause it's not my fault

              Fm                                       Em
I know that I've been taught, To take the blame

             C                                      Am
Rest assured my angels, Will catch my tears

       Fm                             Em
Walk me out of here, I'm in pain

major chords used in this song is C,  Am, Fm  &  Em
I hope ya`all can work this song out till the end
any comments , or just wanna know me I`m from malaysia
1983/m/alor setar-kedah
youcan mail me at  amazor7@yahoo.com