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Better Man Chords

          Taken from the fantastic album "SING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING"
                    Better Man - Robbie Williams
                    Tabbed by John Witherspoon

  This is in the wrong key - the real song is in F# I think, but just 
sing slightly higher with these simple chords and who's to know? 
It still sounds good!
Hard chords: Cadd9   Am7     name unsure of (n.u)   G/F#    C#m
                  e --3-- e --0--    e --2--       e --3-- e --4--
                  B --3-- B --1--    B --2--       B --3-- B --5--
                  G --0-- G --0--    G --2--       G --0-- G --6--
                  D --2-- D --2--    D --0--       D --0-- D --6--
                  A --3-- A --0--    A --0--       A --0-- A --4--
                  E --0-- E --0--    E --0--       E --2-- E --4--


           |  G | Cadd9 | G  | Cadd9 - let ring....
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/williams_robbie/better_man_crd_ver_3.html ]
           Verse 1
                           G                  Em
           Send someone to love me, I need to rest in arms
                   Am7                        D           
           Keep me safe from harm, in pouring rain
                           G              Em            
           Give me endless summer, Lord I fear the cold
                    Am7                   D
           Feel I'm gettin old, before my time

                 Am7             G
           As my soul, heals the shame
                  Am7  G G/F#        Em   
           I will grow, through this pain
                    Am7         D
           Lord I'm doin, all I can:
           To be a better man

           Chords as intro

           Verse 2 (chords as verse 1)

           Go easy on my conscience, cause it's not my fault
           I know I've been taught, to take the blame
           Rest assured my angels, will catch my tears
           Walk me out of here, I'm in pain


           A                                   n.u
           Once you've found that lover you're homeward bound
                   C#m                 Bm
           Love is all around, love is all around
           A                          n.u                                 
           I know some have fallen on stony ground,                                                                   
                       C#m        Bm
           but love is all around   

           Verse 1 repeated




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