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Better Man Chords


Better Man
By: Robbie Williams
Intro Riff:



Verse 1:

                 F#                 D#m
Send someone to love me, I need to rest in arms

         B                      C#  
Keep me safe harm, In pouring rain

                 F#             D#m 
Give me endless summer, Lord I fear the cold

          B                     C#
Feel I'm getting old, Before my time


      A#m             C#     
As my soul heals the shame

        A#m              F#m     
I will grow through this pain

           B         C#      
Lord I'm doing all I can
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To be a better man


Verse 2: 

               F#                     D#m               
Go easy on my conscience, 'Cause it's not my fault

             B                             C#   
I know that I've been taught, To take the blame

                  F#          D#m   
Rest assured my angels, Will catch my tears

         B                   C#
Walk me out of here, I'm in pain

Repeat Chorus


 Bm7                                  C#      
Once you've found that lover, you're homeward bound

         Bm7                 F#m             
Love is all around, love is all around

  Bm7                       C#
I know some have fallen on stony ground

            Bm7         D#m  C#
But love is all around

Repeat Verse 1
Repeat Chorus  

Play intro again

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