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Stoned At The Juke Box Chords

Stoned At The JukeBox from
disc 3 of the Bocephus Box Set
Sung by Hank Williams Jr.(C) 1992

submitted by jake franklin boesko@specent.com

(E) Just as long as I can keep a lot a friends (A) around me
Oh (E) it helps to keep a worried mind  oc(B)cupied
(E)I do alright Îtil dark of night (A) surrounds me
and then (E) I think of her (B) and  then I cry(E)
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Lord thereâs a(A) cold heart gone and Iâm stoned at the(E) jukebox
playinâ (B)I canât help it if Iâm still in love with(E) you
Îcause thatâs the(A) kind of songs it takes to get all this(E) hurtinâ
(E)Lord I love that hurtinâ music (B)Îcause I am hurtinâ (E)too

Lord knows I been runninâ up and down this Îol interstate(A) 65
(E)I loved in Nashville, Tennessee high falutinâ woman I (B) tried
(E)now Iâm busted stone flat down in Springhill
I got(A) nothinâ but time and the bottles to kill
well(E) I never thought I could(B) ever feel like that