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F Word Chords

E                               A             E  
Well i been hangin out with my rebel son kid rock
E                                              B7
and i dont really like this stuff they call hip hop
         A                          E                  A  
but he shure been good to me and im trying to make him see
     E                 B7               E
in country music you just dont use the f word
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          A                                     E
no no in country music you just dont use the f word
we've come along way but it's best if that ones not heard
       A                       E                          A        
oh we had some hells and damns we dont say bitch we say yes maam
      E                 B7               E
so in country music we just dont use the f word

verse 2

my son shelton says hes been havin a hard time

he does great shows butt he just got to speak his own mind

well i wonder where that came from i guess hes a real son of a gun

take the old mans advise be nice and lose the f word

repeat chorus