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Im A Long Gone Daddy Chords

I'm A Long Gone Daddy
Hank Williams

All you want to do is sit around and pout
And now I've got enough so I'm getting out

C                G
I'm leaving now, I'm leaving now
      D7                                  G
I'm a long gone daddy I don't need you anyhow

Lord I've been in the doghouse for so doggone long
That when I get a kiss I think that somethings wrong

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I go find myself a gal that wants to treat me right
You go find yourself a man that wants to fight



You start your jaws a wagging and they never stop
You never shut your mouth until I blow my top


I remember back when you were nice and sweet
Things have changed you'd rather fight than eat


I'm going to do some riding on the midnight train
I'm taking everything except my ball and chain